“I wish there were 6 STARS above. The Granville would be 6!” – Richard & Phil C.

Read what some of our residents have to say about living at The Granville Assisted Living Center:

“When we started looking for an assisted living center in April 2012, there were 69 homes in Jefferson County north of 6th Avenue. The Granville was the 69th home we visited. We chose The Granville without question after our initial visit, we were so impressed with every aspect of our tour and all the answers we received for our many questions.”

“Uncle Leo became a resident on June 11, 2012. It has been a wonderful experience for him and for us. The personal attention he receives is amazing. The staff and owners are the BEST, we love them all. We are so grateful for The Granville and the little details they take care of for our uncle and how they have made our life so much easier.”

“We ask Uncle Leo constantly if he needs anything or has any complaints, he says he absolutely loves it there and the residents and staff treat him great. God Bless The Granville staff and the owners, Oat and Rose Marie.”

“I wish there were 6 STARS above. The Granville would be 6!” – Richard & Phil C.


“Love the staff here! It’s real warm and inviting. The staff have a lot of fun and so do the residents.” – Ronda A.


“Very friendly and caring staff. Safe environment.” – Kathy S.


“I am an 87 year-old youngster. Why am I posting this note? No plea for romance … no scam for cash … maybe my message will help one who needs assistance in everyday living. Last year I suffered a fall, leaving me needing help in some situations. Now I live alone in an assisted living facility. My needs have been met all because I went looking. After visiting five (assisted livings) I finally found a facility I can call ‘home!’ Are all equal? Hardly! My home, The Granville in Lakewood, Colorado has scheduled programs 7 days weekly … morning off site activities, shopping trips, etc. If you want to stay busy, The Granville will keep you busy. Ah, but you ask, ‘what is the difference?’ ATTITUDE! The team lets you know when you enter the lobby, “you are home.” I am not recommending any facility … I found my home because I looked for it. If this style of living may be in your future, then I say, ‘Hit the bricks.’ “ – Earl B.


“I have lived at The Granville Assisted Living for over 7½ years now. I was particularly happy to find out that we all had a private room and didn’t have to share with anyone. My private room here has its own air conditioning/fan and thermostat so that I can control my room’s temperature. When I want to get out of my room, there are lots of fun activities to choose from and do and always someone willing to visit. They have a good selection of outside activities that you can go to on a bus, as well. They have movies to watch and games that can be played.”

“I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I don’t have to cook or clean up after eating. They also will do my laundry, clean my room and if I need it, they would help with dressing and/or showering.”

“There is a little store here and a library, and because I am an avid reader, that makes me so very happy! I have made lots of friends in my 7½ years here and I’m really so very happy here!! It is a GREAT PLACE to live!!” – Helen G.


The Granville is a friendly community with much to offer and plenty to share. For a scheduled tour of our facility, just contact us today.