What is Assisted Living?

The Granville Assisted Living Center was designed to empower individuals to maintain their dignity and independence in a residential setting. More than one million Americans currently live in assisted living communities. Some residents may suffer from mild cases of Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders. Assisted living communities offer supportive services such as meals, medication administration, transportation, and bathing to help maintain independence.


The typical assisted living community provides three meals a day.

Know the Terminology

According to Argentum, a senior housing association, when choosing an assisted living center you should first become familiar with the terminology. Assisted living residences may be referred to as facilities, adult congregate living facilities, life plan community also known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), personal care homes, retirement homes for adults, or community residences. The fundamental differences in assisted living communities include size, services, and cost. Other factors to consider may include location and the community.

Services and Cost

It is important to understand the level of service an assisted living center offers. Assisted living centers vary in the types of services they provide.

The typical assisted living community provides three meals a day, housekeeping services, transportation, access to on site staff 24 hours a day, an emergency call system, exercise or wellness programs, personal laundry service, and recreation activities. Some assisted living centers offer more services; some have only limited services. Costs vary depending on apartment size, services included, and whether the center is Medicaid certified.

How to Select an Assisted Living Community


We have an array of activities here at The Granville.

When shopping for and evaluating an assisted living community, use the following consumer checklist as a guide:

  • Atmosphere
  • Physical features
  • Services
  • Cost
  • Contracts

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Is Assisted Living the Right Choice?

When evaluating the need for assisted living services, consider the following questions regarding health and cognitive issues.

Is the person:

  • Becoming more confused?
  • Having difficulty preparing meals?
  • Following instructions on which medications to take and when?
  • Following a healthful lifestyle, including exercise, hydration, or good diet?
  • Becoming more frail or dealing with chronic illness?
  • Having difficulty with good hygiene?
  • Frightened about bathing safely?
  • Having difficulty getting dressed?
  • Forgetting medical appointments or errands?
  • Lonely or depressed?
  • Having difficulty with tasks such as bathing or using oxygen?
  • Keeping the home clean and safe?
  • Is food spoiled?
  • Are the carpets dirty or paths obstructed?

If you answered yes, to one or more of these questions, we encourage and invite you to visit The Granville Assisted Living Center. Come visit or contact us today. We would be glad to answer your questions.


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