When evaluating the need for assisted living services, one needs to consider many choices ranging from is the person having difficulty preparing meals, is the person forgetting medical appointments to are they living in a safe environment? Below is a list of questions regarding health and cognitive issues that depending on how they are answered, could indicate that the senior is ready for assisted living. Is the person:

  • Becoming more confused?
  • Having difficulty preparing meals?
  • Following instructions on which medications to take and when?
  • Following a healthful lifestyle, including exercise, hydration, or good diet?
  • Becoming more frail or dealing with chronic illness?
  • Having difficulty with good hygiene? Frightened about bathing safely?
  • Having difficulty getting dressed?
  • Forgetting medical appointments or errands?
  • Lonely or depressed?
  • Having difficulty with tasks such as bathing or using oxygen?
  • Keeping the home clean and safe? Is food spoiled? Are the carpets dirty or paths obstructed?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we encourage and invite you to visit The Granville Assisted Living Center.

We are a privately owned assisted living community, conveniently located near the BelMar shopping district in Lakewood and Historic Highlands Square in Denver. The Granville has been privately owned and operated since 1998 when it opened its doors to those whose income was restricted. Its mission, to service this population with dignity and respect, remains today.

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