The Granville Assisted Living Center is devoted to providing assisted living in a friendly environment that is clean, safe, attractive, and affordable. Our program includes assistance with the activities of daily living to frail elderly individuals whose annual gross income do not exceed 60% of the area median gross income established for Denver, Colorado. The Granville is committed to the highest levels of honesty and fair dealing in all its business transactions, including those with residents and their families, vendors, employees, and other business associates.

More about our affordable housing option for low to moderate income seniors

The Granville offers an affordable housing option for low to moderate income seniors. Like a few other assisted living centers in the Denver metro area, The Granville Assisted Living is financed in part with equity generated from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. This requires that our residents earn less than 60% of the median income of the county in which the property is located, Jefferson County. This amount is set forth each year by HUD.

The income of the resident must be certified at the time he or she moves into the facility, and again each year throughout the period of occupancy. The maximum rent the resident can be charged is also set by HUD. Currently, a person occupying a 60% tax credit unit cannot make more than $33,360 annually in income (this includes income from all assets).

The Granville is dedicated to helping all low-income adults and will therefore accept residents on the Medicaid HCBS program as well. In addition to our rent requirements, The Granville also has a minimum age requirement of 62.

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